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  • Don't Let Cardio Become a Stumbling Block
  • Your Ringside Seat
  • Balancing Parenting & Fitness
  • Healthy through the Holidays
  • Compete
  • Mom's Get Fit

 Don’t Let Cardio Become a Stumbling Block

If I managed to save $5 for every fitness enthusiast that’s approached me over the last couple years and asked about my cardio routine…wow. French Riviera here I come! That’s what this article is all about. Cardio, cut and dry. 

 By: Michelle Ulibarri

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Your Ringside Seat: Fitness Training for Success

Michelle gives us her take on what it takes to be a fighter inside the cage and out. She also shares great workout tips to attack each and every workout with the right mindset, discipline, & commitment. 

Michelle Ulibarri 


5 Ways to Balance Being a Mommy with a Serious Fitness Lifestyle

It’s not easy to be an MMA ring girl, a fitness model and a great mommy all at once. But, I figured out a way to balance being a mommy with a serious fitness lifestyle which is beneficial to everyone

 Michelle Ulibarri

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Here’s How a Fitness Model Survives Holiday Parties 

Most folks that take their waistline seriously tend to apprehend the holiday season with a mixture of excitement and dread..........

Michelle Ulibarri

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Competing at your best!

I get so many questions about competition; what it takes, how do I prepare, what do I eat, what is my exercises like... Well lucky you I will take you in the crazy life of me prepping for a show. At the time of this writing, my next show is June 8th Jon Lindsay’s Muscle Contest Southern California Championships...

Michelle Ulibarri

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Keys to Becoming a fit Mom

This is a huge part of my story and a huge part of my life, being a fit mom and how I achieved it. Here are some questions I received on this topic and here are my answers.
Q. Sit ups/crunch type exercises have definitely only made the "baby section" bulky again. Any exercises I should or shouldn't do to get everything sucked in instead of out? A. I didn’t do crunches or abs for at least 6 months. When you do them don’t use weight...

Michelle Ulibarri 

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